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Advanced Amazon PPC Strategies to Help You Make FABulous Sales in 2022


This blog will educate you on ways to upgrade your Amazon PPC Advertising strategy game to not just survive but cut through the competition on the world’s largest e-commerce and boost sales for your brand and products. Hop on the Amazon PPC success bandwagon with Fab On Go today!

Setting up Amazon PPC advertising campaigns begins with planning, creating, and executing but their success takes a lot more to build. It’s best to remember that every campaign is unique, with an individual set of variables to monitor, and requires to be optimized carefully.  So, lack of awareness or careless PPC mistakes can’t be afforded. These can hamper your campaign’s visibility, efficiency, and performance in the blink of an eye. To prevent this along with keeping ACoS in control and bringing in traffic and sales consistently, you require an Amazon PPC strategy in place.

Here are a few tips for building a robust Amazon Advertising Strategy in 2022

1. Use Indirect Keywords in Amazon PPC campaigns

Indirect or alternative keywords in your ads increase the discoverability of your products. Why? Because people are searching for solutions to problems and not for your products. 

For example, if you’re selling anti-acne skin products, you should also target phrases or long-tailed keywords like ‘oil-free face moisturizer’ or ‘hydrating scrub for clear skin’. 

To figure out these keywords, you need to identify the key features of your product(s)and closely monitor your competitor’s listings. And, Amazon PPC specialists at Fab On Go can do just that for you.

Also, choosing long-tailed keywords early on in your Amazon Advertising journey bypasses the resistance of highly competitive keywords and helps derives sales from high intent of purchase.

2. Product Listing Rank Optimization in PPC strategy

Here is how you start and go about this:

  • Analyze Top Keywords: Track the best-performing keywords for your listing and check where they rank on Amazon.
    1. Listing Rank beyond Page Five: With a modest bid in mind, concentrate only on the keywords that convert well. These keywords don’t reflect well in search but they make you and save you the buck.
    2. Listing Rank within Page Two-Five: Have a moderate approach while focusing on top-performing keywords. Keep your bidding strategy up to the mark and figure out the keywords driving maximum sales. The final step is to integrate these keywords into your campaigns and optimize them.
    3. Listing rank on Page One and Two: Aggressively approach the bidding for these keywords and enhance your visibility. 

3. No Kidding with Bidding in Amazon PPC ads

Adjusting your bidding is not achieved just by having your product chart in the top numbers in a specific subcategory, by showing confidence in your product offerings, or by targeting complementary products. You adjust it with Ad placements. There are three places where ads with Amazon PPC appear:

  • At the top of page one search results,
  • Within the rest of the second page of Amazon SERP and consecutive pages.
  • Within the product details page, add-to-cart page, and other positions.

For every campaign, you can check which of the three places brought you visibility and conversions. With this information in hand, you can now set the placement bidding multiplier between 0% and 900% for every placement to increase brand exposure and conversions.

4. Try Product Performance-based Organizing for Ad Campaigns 

Creating Amazon PPC campaigns based on keywords is a common practice but basing them on your product performance is a game-changer. 

  • How to do it? Always by placing products of an ad group with high and comparable ACoS in different campaigns and controlling the overall ACoS rise. 
  • Why is it effective? 
    1. Helps running your first campaign at reduced ACoS
    2. Eases control over ad spend and campaign performance down the line.

Creating and running Amazon PPC advertising campaigns is a painstaking task. But if done right, presents an exciting opportunity for fabulous sales. Make us a part of your marketing campaigns today and watch us lead you to success.

Final Thoughts

Fab On Go is your-go to Amazon PPC agency for anything PPC. We help your campaigns succeed in a way that surpasses all expectations. 

We have been assisting sellers in creating and optimizing efficient PPC campaigns since 2010. If you want to boost your Amazon sales by 21% and shrink your ACos by nearly 29% over time, we’re here for you. Our promise of visibility is not empty but guaranteed.


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