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Amazon Ads – Why They Are Indispensable?


Amazon is a perfect place for any seller to start selling products to interested buyers and foster a successful business. There is literally a world of sellers out there with over 500 million products on alone, resulting in cutthroat competition. For newly launched products and lesser-known brands that are riding low on popularity, it is even more difficult to gather traction and visibility. If your product doesn’t appear on the first few pages of the search results, it is less likely to be discovered by buyers. This is where Amazon ads come into the picture and they are here to stay.

Amazon Ads

Amazon Ads are God sent for sellers to help their products appear on the first few pages. Sellers can run campaigns and bid on keywords relevant to their product with the aim of appearing on the first page. The catch here is identifying and bidding on the right keywords that convert. There are two types of ads. Headline search ads and sponsored product ads that are based on bidding keywords.

Headline Search Ads

Headline search ads (otherwise known as banner-style ads) can display three products and also have a short copy and a graphic image along with the ad. The brand can alter this graphic according to their will so as to make it more attractive to a customer. These ads are generally linked to the brand store page where the customer can view the entire collection of a particular brand. Headline search ads have the advantage of utilizing prime real estate. They appear at the topmost section of the search results page but can also appear at the middle or bottom depending on the device with which the customer is viewing.

Sponsored Products Ads

Sponsored products are ads that link to a single product. They are placed immediately after a headline search ad or can also be present at the top if there is no headline search ad. They are spread throughout the search results and an average Amazon customer won’t be able to make out that it is an ad as it is often mixed up with the organic results. Unlike headline search ads, sponsored product ads don’t have any provision to add a copy or graphic.

Benefits of Amazon Ads

Ads dominate the search results page. As a brand, it is wise if you bid on high-converting keywords and win this space.

Increased Traffic: The first benefit of Amazon ads is that it drives traffic to your listing. It goes without saying that the listing should be optimized with the right titles, catchy images, and informative bullet points to convert the impressions into clicks and sales. Most customers browse only the first page of the product listing and if your item is there at the top, you have hit jackpot.

Increased Brand Awareness: A successful ad campaign makes people aware of your products and helps in building a positive image. High impressions and low clicks are often considered to be an unsuccessful campaign but it is not always the case. You may be selling a niche product which is new to the market and one of its kind which people are not aware of and unsure of to try. The campaigns though will help in generating impressions and it helps in getting that much-needed initial exposure.

Increased Sales: This is the ultimate aim of running any ads. A successful campaign translates into more clicks, increased traffic, and more sales. It is also possible that the brand in general sees increased sales even for the items that are not advertised. However, it is important to have an optimized product detail page to reap the best out of the ads.

Improved Sales Rank: Every product on Amazon has a sales rank based on how well the product is performing in terms of sales volume, feedback, and reviews. Increased sales will eventually help the product climb up the rankings and result in increased organic visibility as well.

Ads Are For Everyone

Now if you think Ads are only for newbies, you are totally wrong. Amazon is highly competitive and the competition is only getting more aggressive with every passing day. Even big brands are not ready to lose out on the prime real estate. Everyone wants to appear on top. The one who bids high and bids smart is the winner. If you are able to crack a successful ad campaign on Amazon, you have landed on a goldmine.

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