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Best Practices and Benefits of Product Photography in 2020


We live in a digital world. This digital age is undoubtedly the age of the customer. E-commerce has made it possible for customers to choose a product, compare it with different sellers, buy the products they like and even opt to return the products if they are not satisfied with the product, from the comfort of home.

Attracting shoppers to your product listing page and getting conversions is your principal goal as an Amazon seller.

As an Amazon seller, you must make sure that you don’t leave any stone unturned to gain your customer’s trust and make a lasting impression on your products to drive sales.

If you are someone who is struggling to make more sales on Amazon, it’s time for you to know the ways to impress your customers. Product photography is the best way to convey your brand’s quality and values.

What is Product Photography?

Product Photography is all about exhibiting your products in the best possible way. Exceptional product photography requires great background and lighting, sharp camera focus, careful editing, and a whole lot more.

Whether you hire a professional to click your products or opt to use your camera or mobile, it is essential to present your products well to shoot up your sales higher and faster.

Why is Product Photography significant in e-commerce?

As an Amazon seller, you might have offered your products to the customers at a lower price than your competitors, optimized your product title and description with compelling A+ content, and stuffed it with popular keywords to drive sales.

It’s great if all these efforts raise your product rankings on the Amazon search results page and improve the visibility of your products.

But, if the desired results are not as expected, just think of the images of your products.

Is your product image of good quality?

Do they have proper lighting and background?

Does the image highlight the essential features of your product?

People today are more fascinated by the visual appearance of products and heavily rely on images to make a purchasing decisions.

In the e-commerce world, “A good picture is worth a thousand sales” because the visual experience is what impacts the buying decisions of online shoppers.

Amazon is a giant e-commerce marketplace with many sellers on its platform selling the same product as yours. Shoppers have many choices to choose from and buy the best quality products.

When customers scroll through the search results page, the product image is what drives them to the product listing page. High-quality product images give the perception of a good-quality product and influence the buying decision of the customers. If your product image is of low quality, you lose out.

You need to persuade customers with appealing photographs of your products that will help in increasing bounce rates and conversion rates.

Benefits of Good Product Photography

Product Photography is one of the powerful components that can make or break your success in e-commerce. When it comes to Amazon product photos – The better the pictures, the higher the chances of conversions.

You need to design photos that will impress your customers and create trust in your brand. Even a small percentage increase in the conversion rate could still lead to a big revenue boost.

The key benefits of Product Photography are:

1.    Increase sales conversions

A good quality photo is the first point of engagement between the shopper and your product. Generally, people shopping on e-commerce platforms like Amazon have little patience to go through all the product descriptions. With many choices out there, a high-quality product image influences a buyer’s purchasing decision.

Great pictures of your products draw a lot of customers to your product listing page and boost sales conversions.

2.    Grab Customer’s Attention

In e-commerce, images are the best way to capture customers’ attention. Product images give the perception of the quality of actual products.

Customers expect clear and appealing images. Good-quality images engage the shoppers and instil a sense of confidence in the customers. On the contrary, poor-quality images countermand this benefit.

3.    Keep Competitors Away

Thousands of sellers sell products with the same features as yours on Amazon. If your pictures are good enough, you are close enough to your customers. Great Product photography helps customers better choose between rival products and can turn the tide in your favour.

4.    Elevate your brand image

The quality of your product photos gives the perception of the quality of your product to the customers. Good-quality images give the perception of a high-quality product. A great photo helps you share your brand’s story with your customers and helps in making a lasting impression to keep them on your product page. Low-resolution images just look cheap.

Best Practices for Amazon Photography

1.    Focus on the quality of the product image

As already mentioned, the quality of your product image plays a crucial role in driving traffic to your product listing page. Poor-quality images and blurred pictures shift your customers to your competitors.

Use a professional camera to get high-resolution images of your product. While it is acceptable to snap product photos on a smartphone like an iPhone, it is highly recommended to use a professional camera with a high-resolution lens to display important visual elements of products. However, it’s not only the camera that makes a good picture, but lighting, exposure, styling, and editing play a significant role to make them picture-perfect.

If you are a new Amazon seller and cannot invest in a professional camera, it is not a big issue. Just start with whatever you have and see the results.

2.    Pay Attention to Lighting

Good lighting makes your images look bright. Generally, natural light is the most preferred light by professionals to capture products that are used outdoors like clothing, whereas artificial light is preferred to capture the products used indoors like kitchenware.

Whether you use natural light or artificial light, make sure to lessen the soft or hard shadows cast on the opposite end of a product.

3.    Use White Background

White background photography allows the product to be the sole focus of the shot and boosts the visual appeal of your photos. It creates crisp, sharp shots that highlight the product features and makes the product look, grand, desirable, true, and classic.

Amazon requires all its sellers to use a white background for all products. The main product images on Amazon must have a pure white background. Don’t use graphics, illustrations, mock-ups, or placeholders for the main image.

If the color of your product itself is white, just tweak the tone of the white background to distinguish between the two.

4.    Offer Detailed and Alternative Views

Online shoppers don’t have the luxury of getting a close view of the products they buy, as they would at a physical retail store. High-quality images with detailed and alternative views of product images influence the customers in making a buying decision. So, capture your product images in different views and angles to display the key attributes of your product like size, color, quantity, etc. This helps customers get a clear idea of the benefits of your product and the way it can be used.

The best way to increase your conversion rate on Amazon is to make use of each photo of your product to convey a great amount of information to the shoppers, answer the customers’ questions, and persuade them to purchase.

5.    Make use of different types of Product Photography

You can upload up to 8 images per product ASIN on Amazon. Make use of lifestyle images and infographics that highlight the benefits of your product. You can also opt for 360-degree product photography, which allows shoppers to have a complete view of the product from every possible angle.

6.    Split Test Your Amazon Image

The main image of your product on Amazon has a profound effect on your product’s clickthrough rate, search ranking, and sales. Sometimes, a lifestyle photo of a product works better than just a normal product photograph. A small difference in the product photo like shadows of the product or even the size of the product can make or break the presentation of your product. Choose the best images of your product and make use of different tools like Splitly, Cashcowpro, or Listing Dojo to automate the rotation of different product images, collect data, and measure the impact of change on the product’s search ranking and sales volume.

The Bottomline

Images speak louder than words. Product photography is the best way to convey your brand’s quality and values.

Displaying different types of product photos allow shoppers to visualize the size of your product and visually appealing infographics help explain the details of the product and its use. Optimize your product listing page with compelling photos of the product that captures the Amazon shopper’s attention.

Investment in product photography is worth your time and money as it communicates the story of your brand to customers and boosts sales.

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