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Boost your Sales and Build your Brand with External Traffic


It’s a well-known fact that Amazon is the most dominant e-commerce store in the world, where you find almost all products under the sun. Brand recognition and the largest customer base make Amazon the best choice for sellers to reach the maximum number of users and build their brands.

Whether you are a brand-new seller on Amazon or an established one, it might be hard for all your products to get listed at the top of Amazon search results.

Have you put all the effort in, like Product listing optimization, Amazon PPC, and Competitor analysis to rank your products and drive traffic to your product listing page and still not getting the desired results?

Do you know that most customers only go for the products ranked on the first or second page of Amazon search results? If your product doesn’t show up on the top pages, you lose to your competitors.

Don’t worry. Here is the best solution – external Traffic, a powerful tool to drive customers to your product listing, separate yourself from your competitors, and boost sales.

What is External traffic?

As an Amazon seller, you might be more familiar with the word Traffic, which means driving customers to your product listing page. The more traffic to your listing page, the more likely you’ll see conversions.

Traffic to your product listing can be internal or external.

Internal traffic is when a customer finds your product from the Amazon search results or clicks on one of your sponsored ads in the Amazon store. Of course, Internal traffic is essential to boost your sales. But it is not the only way to drive traffic to your products.

You can attract customers and drive them to your product listing on Amazon from outside the Amazon site. This is called external traffic.

Simply put, external traffic is driving customers to your products from external channels.

Why is External Traffic important for Amazon Sellers?

External traffic is as important as other strategies like Product Listing Optimization and Amazon PPC. It helps increase your business value, widen your customer base, improve sales velocity, and helps you stand out from the competition.

Skip your Competitors

When a customer enters a keyword for the product they search for, Amazon displays hundreds of products on the search results pages based on their ranks. Each product on Amazon has many competitors and every seller puts their best efforts to optimize their product listings and improve their rankings on Amazon search results.

Despite all your efforts, it’s not always possible for all your products to get ranked on the first page of the search results. This is when external traffic comes to your rescue. You can drive customers to your product listing directly from external sites like Facebook or a blog post. You don’t have to compete with other products on the Amazon search results page.

Therefore, driving customers from external sites helps to avoid competitors and helps drive sales.

Build Your Brand

Customers who buy your products on Amazon are not your customers. They are Amazon’s customers. People trust Amazon because it is an established brand. A brand represents the people’s perception of a company’s reputation and creates a positive impression of your business among consumers.

Building a brand in today’s digital world is a lot easier than ever before. You can connect and interact with a target audience directly through several channels and communicate the values that distinguish you from your competitors.

External channels like social media help you build long-term relationships with customers and play a significant role in establishing credibility and enhancing your brand’s awareness among consumers.

Build a Customer List

One of the greatest advantages of driving traffic from outside sources is that you can reach out to customers before they reach Amazon. You can get the contact details of a prospective customer, such as an email address, and build a list, with which you can run marketing campaigns, offer promo codes for your newly launched products, build a long-term relationship with your customers, and raise your brand awareness.

Boost your sales and organic rankings

By driving the customers to your product listing page on Amazon, you are indirectly increasing the traffic to the Amazon site itself. This can potentially increase your product ranking on the Amazon search results page.

More people buying your products means more sales velocity, which improves the organic ranking of your products. 

How to Start Driving External Traffic 

1. Optimize your product listing

Before you start sending any valuable traffic to your product listing on Amazon, ensure that your product description gives clear insights to the users about the product and is simple and easy to read with bullet points. Your images should be clear, professional, and should be able to convey the benefits of your product.

2. Select a channel

Though there are countless channels to drive external traffic to your product listing page, not all the channels are effective to raise your sales. You need to pick a channel that has a high customer base, where you have a fair chance to engage with potential customers and get your ads to reach the right people.

3. Targeting

Finding your target audience is crucial to driving external traffic to your Amazon Product listing. Not all people are interested in buying your products. You want to target only those who are interested in your products. Any audience that is unlikely to convert is a waste of your investment.

The best way to find the right audience is to define the interests of your ideal customers, who are more likely to purchase your product. Choose the audience who will see your ads. 

Proper targeting not only lowers your cost of running the ads on external channels but also improves your ROI and boosts your sales.

4. Define your goals

Defining your goals helps you plan an effective strategy to get a lot of people through your sales funnel.

Why are you driving external traffic? What is your main objective? Do you want to build an email list? Or Do you want to generate sales? 

Having clear and well-defined goals keeps you focused on identifying potential customers and analyzing effective ways to increase traffic and boost sales.

5. Filter your traffic

The most common mistake of Amazon sellers is sending external traffic straight to the Amazon listing page. If you are one among them, you probably would have missed out on a lot of benefits of external traffic.

Building your customer list is one of the most valuable benefits of external traffic. If you drive people directly to your listing from external channels, you will miss that opportunity.

Sending traffic directly to your product listing page may lead to increased click rates. But, if all the clicks don’t convert into sales, it impacts your product’s conversion rate, which is a major ranking factor leading to a drop in your product’s rankings. 

What is the Solution – Send Traffic to the Landing Page

The most effective way is to send traffic to a landing page with an email opt-in for a discount code. This gives ample information to filter potential buyers from those who are not interested in buying. Capturing the contact details of potential Amazon customers helps you build brand awareness by sending personalized messages and ads to potential customers.

6. Test and Optimize

Driving traffic is not the be-all and end-all of your traffic campaign. You need to constantly monitor, test, and optimize your traffic campaigns. Regular monitoring not only helps you cut down the money you spend on ads in external channels but also boosts your sales effectively.  

What are the sources of External Traffic?

It’s not just important to drive traffic. You need to capture the traffic effectively to convert it into sales. Otherwise, you will end up wasting your valuable time and money.

Leverage the best external sources to help you find new customers, boost your sales, improve organic rankings, and give you an edge over your competitors.

A plethora of external traffic sources are available, which you can leverage to build your brand and expand your customer base.

  1.     Social media
  2.     Email marketing
  3.     Affiliate marketing
  4.     Search Engine Marketing
  5.     Google Ads
  6.     Blogs
  7.     Website Referrals
  8.     Promo codes and Deals

Choose the channels where you can effectively target your audience and figure out the best sources that suit your business. Your decision to choose the right external source to drive traffic plays a significant role in building your brand and in the success of your rankings on the Amazon platform.

The Bottomline

Amazon is a great platform with a large customer base, where you can attract potential customers, grow your business, and build your brand. But just relying on it can be risky as you might miss potential customers.

External traffic is the most powerful growth lever that not only improves your organic rankings and avoids your competitors, but also helps to build your brand and grow your sales.

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