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Cross-Border Trading – Expand Your Business To India


Ever since Amazon made its debut in the Indian market in 2013, it has been growing steadily and has attracted worldwide attention with its various announcements. Amazon’s 40% of sales come from its international markets and considering the size of the Indian population and the steady urbanization, the marketplace can bring in more revenue to the company in India. According to recent statistics, the market is valued at USD 3.3 billion and Amazon India reported over 105% revenue growth in FY 2017. Isn’t that enough reason for you to consider selling on Amazon India? If you are apprehensive about how it is going to work when you are on a different continent altogether, worry not! This blog is going to shed light on cross-border trading and how you can sell on Amazon India and other Indian marketplaces from a remote place.

Why You Should Go The Cross-Border Way?
Expanding your business into new cross-border markets is beneficial and appealing for obvious reasons:

• Introducing your product range to an entirely new group of audience.
• Being able to sell goods that are out-of-season in your country where the climate is more favorable for certain product ranges.
• Expanding your business and establishing new relationships with people from other parts of the world.
In fact, Amazon itself is pushing its merchants to sell on international markets to compete with its rivals like eBay and Alibaba. In 2017, sellers on Amazon made more than a quarter of their revenue from selling to other countries. That is, more than 50% from the previous year. Analysts estimate that it is between $50 to $75 billion.

Finding The Right Market And Making The Right Move
The next immediate question would be how to identify the right market to target. Look out for a country with affluent shoppers, internet users, and a welcoming e-commerce market. A simplistic answer would be India, for reasons stated at the start of the blog.

When you have decided to take the next step, you need to understand that selling cross-border doesn’t mean being an international retailer. Cross-border trading always requires lots of work and focus. Setting up an Amazon store in a country that is totally alien to you is no joke. You need to have a good network and make multiple business trips to set things up locally. On the other hand, being an international retailer is easy with the Amazon FBA Export program but shipping charges and customs duties are entirely on the buyer. Return policies are complicated too. It is not as beneficial as cross-border trading especially when you are trying to take your brand name globally.
To make things easy for you, BIE is inviting overseas sellers who are keen on expanding their Amazon business to India to sign up for its Cross-Border Trading program. With warehouse partners in nine different countries, BIE has experience in helping many sellers across the world to trade in a foreign land with ease.

How We Can Help You?
We help you fight major challenges with cross-border trading – International shipping of goods, customs clearance, and storage/ warehouse maintenance. Since we are based out of India and have an office locally, we have the right resources to personally receive products and handle all customs clearance without the need for you to be here physically. You can directly ship the units from your home country or the manufacturer (say, from China) to India and we will take care of the packing and shipping to Amazon Fulfillment centres for you.
Isn’t that wonderful news?
Well, we have more to offer. We do the end-to-end store and business management with our extremely skilled Amazon Human Resources and manage your multi-country inventory and order fulfilment promptly.

Take Away
“Make hay while the sun shines”
With close to 500 million internet users, the Indian market is indeed a goldmine. While Amazon is doing great here, the world’s largest retailer, Walmart, has recognized the potential of the Indian market and is planning to launch by joining hands with Flipkart. With companies like eBay, Myntra, and Jabong giving tough competition to each other, e-commerce is flourishing in India like never before and cross-border trading is an effective way to expose your brand to a market as large as India.

If you need any professional help with your Amazon store management, get in touch with us.
BIE is a Vancouver, British Columbia-based agency providing human resources to manage all things Amazon.

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