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How To Increase Product Sales Massively? Try Amazon Advertising!


Amazon is the most loved platform to shop online for worldwide customers. You will be surprised to know that more than 12 million products are currently listed on Amazon, whereas over 1.1 million products are listed under home improvement categories only. Most of the sellers benefit from Amazon PPC Advertising to target more potential customers to sell the items. Here is everything you need to learn about Amazon Advertising!


Coincidently, if you are also an Amazon seller, you must increase product sales to maximize revenue. But simply listing the items there isn’t enough. It would help if you opted for Amazon advertising to grab the massive customers landing on the platform.


We will see more about the Amazon advertising below, but before that, let you know some more amazing facts about Amazon – the world’s most trusted online shopping platform.


These stats will give you quick ideas about the popularity of this world’s number one e-commerce platform.


Amazon Statistics 2021

  • Over 1.5 million active sellers are available on Amazon.
  • During the world’s pandemic, 89% of customers bought their household items and groceries from Amazon.
  • 81% of Amazon sellers invest their budget on PPC Advertising.
  • On average, major brands are spending$600,000 every month on amazon paid campaigns.
  • The average Amazon CPC (Cost-Per-Click) is around $0.40.
  • 9.55 % is the average CR (Conversion Rate) on Amazon.


Benefits of using Amazon PPC Advertising Campaigns

Well! There are many reasons to choose paid advertising on Amazon to make your products reachable. But a few of them are most common and beneficial to the majority of the sellers that are given below;

Also, if you are looking for something more detailed. Here is a Beginner’s Guide To Amazon Advertising!

Outrank the competitors

If you have recently joined Amazon to list products, you might hardly get any orders throughout the day. The reason is, already the existing sellers are receiving the orders because their products are visible. But using Amazon PPC campaigns, you can outrank your competitors and instantly showcase your product on the main page.


See improvements in your organic listing.

Running paid advertising helps you to generate more sales and make easy Amazon Order Processing. Receiving more orders means your product is trustworthy over others. With that activity, the amazon algorithm improves the ranking of your seller rankings and product listings gradually.


Generate more sales on occasions

PPC advertising helps you to showcase multiple products on Amazon Festival Sales quickly. That means you can generate more revenue by selling the products massively on the platform without waiting to boost the organic seller ranking.

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How to do Amazon Advertising?

The success of your Amazon sales depends on the planning of a nice strategy for running paid advertising. To make the process hassle-free, we, the professional Amazon PPC Advertiser – FabOnGo, are here for you. We can help you with the Amazon Forecast Reports by analyzing your business and the products listed on Amazon. With a proper audit, we can create a custom strategy to maximize the orders you receive by investing less possible budget on the Amazon paid advertising campaigns.

For any query, feel free to contact our experienced Amazon advertising team, who have successfully managed over 300+ Amazon seller accounts so far.


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