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Making the Most of Your Amazon Photography


The images are a crucial part as it helps to drive external traffic to Amazon listing. Additionally, you must consider the context in which your product photos are viewed while optimizing them. Amazon product photographs not only appear on your main product page but also as thumbnails in search results.

How to Improve Amazon Product Photos

The authenticity and dependability of a brand’s items are crucial for them to display on Amazon. High-quality, well-lit, set, and intentional-looking photography will go a long way toward encouraging the Amazon buyer to feel confident in your product and eventually make a purchase if it is included in your listing.

  • Observe the technical specifications for Amazon images

You must adhere to the Amazon image guidelines and any associated technical specifications when creating new product pages or modifying existing listings this can be done by applying photo editing for Amazon. Even if you have the best product photographs, Amazon won’t approve your listings and images if you don’t.

  • Set image priority on the product page

One primary product image and up to eight additional slots are provided by Amazon, however, it is up to you to decide which images should be prioritized and displayed first. Instead of only using two or three photographs, it would be a good idea to fill all of the available spots. By doing this, you can solve a problem that every online shop encounters: you can’t get the product into the customer’s hands.

  • Follow Amazon’s guidelines for high-quality photos

In addition to being crucial for increasing clickthrough rates and conversion rates, using high-quality photos for the main and child SKU images comply with Amazon’s non-technical standards, Amazon photography lighting is another aspect which must be paid attention to. Other specifications for Amazon product photos are: Keep it basic, use real, high-quality photographs.

  • Utilize various product images

Utilize the seven photographs you can publish (one main photo and six others) to your advantage (and to help the customer make an informed decision). Give clients a thorough overview of the product(s) from all angles. You risk losing a potential buyer by not detailing all the features of the product. Following the tips mentioned above not only help to bring external traffic to Amazon listing but also image editing for Amazon helps to entice the customers which ultimately helps in increasing the sale. If you are looking to get the best professional help, then visit the Big Internet Ecommerce website right away.

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