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Outsource Your Amazon Vendor Central Account – Manage It Effectively


Your brand has been doing well and you got that prestigious invite from Amazon to become their Vendor. After giving it much thought, you decided to join the Vendor Central bandwagon but are clueless on how to maintain the account? You are not alone. Vendor Central is a goldmine, but you should know how to play it wisely. Let us see how you can outsource your Vendor central account to manage it effectively.

Let’s admit it, Vendor Central is Challenging
Managing Vendor Central is a challenge for both small and big vendors. Even well established and top brands face difficulties in handling their vendor accounts. Although Amazon takes care of most of the things, like sales, shipping, pricing, customer services, and returns, there is a lot that goes into the maintenance of account health. You have a lot to do to keep track of the operational performance of your brand, optimizing your product pages, building an Amazon storefront, dealing with the brand hijackers, answering customer queries, and managing reviews. It could get a bit overwhelming if one has to do all these and focus on manufacturing as well. If you could outsource it to a trained virtual assistant, you can reap more and focus on growing a solid brand recognition.

At Big Internet Ecommerce, we take care of end-to-end processes right from preparing the Pre-commitment sheet and setting up the ASIN. We help you get started and also perform these routine daily and weekly tasks to maintain account health.

Daily Tasks
1. Check for new orders
2. Check for pending/ incomplete shipments
3. Check for Product Submissions – To keep track of the approval status of new products
4. Check Vendor Operational Performance
5. Check for new chargebacks
6. Check the status of existing disputes
7. Check the case log
8. Check for any coupon recommendations

Weekly Tasks
1. Check for the sales and returns number as well the status of inventory
2. Check confirmed purchase orders and see if the submitted and confirmed numbers match with the Units Received number.
3. Check for any issues with the invoices
4. Check for vendor returns
5. Check product pages

Monthly Tasks
1. Generate Demand forecast report and Catalog reports (Long ago ordered/ Never shipped or ordered) bi-weekly and monthly respectively to analyze and understand the sales pattern and to prepare inventory.
2. Check out competitors listing on monthly basis and update keywords in the product page based on PPC results for better ranking.

With Amazon changing strategies and rules every now and then, it is no wonder that even big brand owners and channel managers are losing stability and go out of track at some point. BIE has helped numerous sellers and vendors manage their store and maximize their revenue and reach on Amazon.

If you need any professional help with your Amazon store management, get in touch with us.
BIE is a Vancouver, British Columbia based agency providing human resources to manage all things Amazon.

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