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Reinforce Brand Equity with EBC


The Enhanced Brand Content (EBC), which is only available to Amazon Third Party Brand sellers (3P), is a tool designed to improve the product description with aesthetically appealing content and lifestyle photos that tell the brand story of your product.

It replaces the product description on the listing page and gives you the chance to highlight important aspects and advantages of your brand and product with photographs, information, and eventually video! You may use this one-page brochure to improve conversion rates, differentiate your brand from the competition, and increase brand equity.

Major Benefits of EBC on Amazon 

It takes relatively little time for sellers to turn a visitor into a buyer. After a visitor clicks on your listing, you only have a few seconds to keep them interested. Amazon’s “Enhanced Listing” feature is a fantastic chance to increase audience engagement.

  • distinctive qualities of your product: To assist a customer in making a standout purchase, important and exceptional qualities that are not included in the bullet points of your product listing can be easily added and highlighted in EBC.
  • People are naturally visual, and images always have a way of making people feel something. The photographs in your listing are the first thing a visitor will glance at, and if they are engaging and relevant enough, it is more probable that they will make a purchase.
  • Opportunities to increase conversion rates include: It will drive more visitors to your page and boost conversion rates if you include Amazon EBC Service to your product listing pages.
  • Build Brand Awareness: When a client compares two goods in the same category, they are more likely to remember the one with more brand and product details, and EBC can help you include both in your listings. The brand value of Amazon EBC guidelines and tools inspires a sense of trust in the customer.
  • EBC for Amazon assists in conveying the full facts about the product, and when a consumer is aware of what to anticipate from the product, they are less likely to return and leave a poor review or return it.

A technique to strengthen the brand loyalty you’ve previously established with your clientele is enhanced brand content. By addressing their concerns with additional depth and graphics, EBC Amazon provides you the ability to increase the likelihood that your prospects will convert. Visit the BIE website right now to learn more about all our services.

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