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Sponsored Display Ads and Audiences- What Can they do for Sellers?


If you’re an Amazon brand-registered seller, there are a plethora of powerful advertising tools to help you scale your business on the platform. Sponsored Display ads make one of these tools. Whether you are an established Amazon seller or new to the platform seeking wisdom and guidance on Amazon PPC altogether and how to make display ads make work for you, you are at the right place.

Won’t it be incredible as a seller to reach your relevant audience ON and OFF Amazon? Just think about this. Actually, why think when you can do it? Amazon sellers can target a wider audience for their products with Amazon Sponsored Display Ads. Let’s dive in and know:

Sponsored Display Ads– What they are

  1.   They are the newest ad type of Amazon PPC advertising currently available in the United States, Canada, Japan, United Kingdom, India, Italy, Germany, France, and Spain.
  2. They’re targeted to customers based on behavior and interests rather than keyword searches.
  3. The only type of Amazon PPC ad that allows retargeting of people who checked out your product‘s listing or a product similar to it in the last 30 days but didn’t make the buy.
  4. They’re displayed across Amazon Display Network websites and apps outside Amazon.
  5. These advertisements can also appear on Amazon in 3 places – competitor listings, listings of products similar to or related to the product, and category pages related to the product.

Sponsored Display Ads– What they are
6. Sellers only pay for these ads on a cost-per-click basis, hence allowing greater control over the advertising budget.

Sponsored Display Ads- Ad Setup and Targeting

With three types of targeting options available, Sponsored Display ads are changing the way how sellers can reach their audience.

As a seller, you need to enroll in Amazon Brand Registry and become a brand-registered seller.

How to Setup a Sponsored Display Ad

Step 1: Go to the Advertising tab in Seller Central, then, click on Campaign Manager to select ‘Create Campaign’

Amazon seller central

Step 2: Then, when you are under Choose your campaign type, click on Sponsored Display.

Choose Your Campaign

Step 3: Then you put in your campaign name. After that, it will allow you to enter your ad group name, date range, daily budget, and bid optimization strategy.

Create Campaign

Step 4: Next, you get to select the product for advertising and the targeting strategy.

Product to Advertise

Let’s understand the three types of targeting strategies:

Product targeting ads: This is a way to tap people searching for your products or products and categories similar to yours. By displaying your product on your competitor’s listings, you can target untapped potential customers and can target visitors to listings of products complementary to yours. Only Vendors and third-party sellers enrolled within Amazon Brand Registry can use this targeting option.

Audiences: Views remarketing: As a seller, you get to retarget high-intent audiences who have browsed your product listings previously, who have checked out your product’s detail page, and also target audiences who have browsed detail pages of similar products and categories. Like Product targeting ads, only Vendors and third-party sellers enrolled in Amazon Brand Registry can use this.

Audiences: Interests: This targeting option displays ads to buyers who have browsed based on their interests. Ads with this targeting enhance brand awareness by showing products to new customers with browsing for or showing interest in similar products in a related category over the past 90 days. Currently, interest-based targeting is only available for Vendors.

Step 5: The last step is to choose where you want your ads to be displayed on Amazon.

Display Ads

Sponsored Display Ads- Are they Worthy?

Where there is a lack of choices for sellers when setting up an Amazon ad, Sponsored display ads are the easiest to deal with. Still relatively new in the Amazon advertising world, it’s a great option to try while the space is not completely saturated and CPC still runs relatively low. 

With the benefits of increasing brand awareness, re-targeting lost customers, or generating new product orders, Amazon Sponsored display ads have been proven worthy of trial and error by sellers and can definitely scale businesses on Amazon. 

Final Thoughts

Amazon professionals at Fab On Go can assist you in increasing sales and cross-selling your items with highly targeted Display Ads. We are one of the oldest agencies that has been assisting sellers in creating and optimizing efficient PPC campaigns. With an excellent track record in Amazon PPC marketing and management, we could boost your sales by 21% and shrink your ACoS by nearly 29% over time. Our promise of visibility is not empty but guaranteed.

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