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Understanding Amazon Sponsored Brands (Headline Search Ads) – And The Best Ways To Use Them


The topmost portion of the Amazon search results page is prime real estate and Sponsored Brands (Previously known as Headline Search Ads), as the name suggests, are a smart way to feature your brand on top of the SERP to drive more traffic and sales. Amazon Marketing Services offers Sponsored Brands for all 1P and 3P sellers with Brand registry and are quite different from sponsored ads as they are focused on promoting products right on top of search results. Let us see what they are and how they can be put to the best use to increase traffic and brand awareness of your products.

How do they work?
Sponsored Brands (Or HSA) can be the most beneficial tool for driving sales if you understand how it works.
• These are keyword-targeted banner ads.
• Ads appear on top of the search engine results page.
• Each banner ad can feature up to three ASINs.
• Sellers can customize their headline and a customized landing page can also be linked to it.

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Choose the Right Keywords
As stated earlier, Sponsored Brands are keyword-targeted ads and their success lies solely on targeting the right keywords. As an advertiser, you need to select keywords relevant to your product and then bid on those competing with other Amazon sellers in order to display your ad. These keywords can either be a single word, such as “Denim”, or multiple words like “Men’s Denim Jacket”.

Research on Traffic Volume
When you enter keywords for your campaign, AMS will give you a list of suggested keywords which pop up automatically with a search volume indicator. Based on the amount of traffic that the keyword gets and the relevance of the ASINS in your advertising campaign, the indicator will show high, medium, or low, for you to choose the right one.

Choose the Keywords that fit your budget
Sponsored Brands are ads that work on an auction-based pricing model and when you win the auction, your ads will be displayed. That means, if you want to win the high-traffic keywords, you must bid competitively. Too low a bid, chances are other sellers’ ads will appear. In that case, you must increase your bid to win more impressions. Keep in mind that you do not need very high traffic to make a high conversion. The right keywords to target the right shoppers for your products will do.

Use Reporting Tools
Amazon Marketing Services keeps track of your ad campaign and shows you metrics on how many clicks you have got, the money spent, and the conversion made.

Here are a few metrics to watch out for:

• Average Cost of Sales (ACOS) – Total cost spent on the campaign divided by the number of sales.
• Detail Page Views (DPV) – The number of shoppers who clicked your custom landing page and reached your product’s detail page.

These metrics give you an insight into how well your ads are performing and help you make the right decision.

Try, Test And Repeat
Sponsored Brands Ads give you the flexibility to customize the ad creative. It would be smart if you invest time and resources in testing the custom ad headline and the banner image. You can also play around with the order, number, and combination of ASINs that you would like to feature in the ad.

Here are some best practices to follow:
• Set up multiple campaigns with different keywords simultaneously.
• Run the test campaign for a minimum of 2 weeks.
• Try changing one variable at a time and rerun the campaign for another 2 weeks.
• Figure out what is working and not working based on the metrics and test set-up.

Considering the fact that it gets a prominent place in the Search Engine Results Page and the money that needs to be invested in doing so, it would be wise to get professional help for choosing the right keywords and setting up the banner.
Get in touch with us if you would like to hire professionals from Big Internet Ecommerce to do a winning campaign for you.

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