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Understanding the Amazon SEO: Comprehensive guide to Amazon SEO


Since its Marketplace debut in late 2000, Amazon has overwhelmingly helped millions of people outgrow into full-time eCommerce Entrepreneurs. From the home-makers to small local brands and everything in between, Amazon brand registration made it possible to drive people to the epitome of success. With the never-ending inflation of Amazon SEO being by far the best ad engine to reach customers, the Marketplace currently holds almost 3 million sellers on its platform.

It’s a no-brainer that Amazon in 2021 is a money-making machine to everyone on Amazon Vendor Central out there. However, the competition is through the roof and ranking your products is way trickier than ever before. It is quite challenging if you’re a newbie to this world of Amazon SEO.

So, we will walk you through the two most important ranking factors on the Amazon platform that will help to up your game.

#1 Sales Velocity 

A standardized measure by the Amazon Marketplace to determine at what pace your products sell. It is directly equivalent to assessing how well you’re performing.

Owing to this factor, the connection between sales velocity and Amazon SEO is fairly straightforward: the more sales under your belt, the higher your rankings will be. If you succeed in producing a compelling sales resume for the Marketplace, Amazon is more likely to reward you with special privileges.

Apart from SEO strategizing, sales velocity can also be driven by effective Amazon PPC (pay-per-click) strategies. Determining the correct set of strategies and increasing your sales velocity should be your foremost concern in order to achieve success.

#2 Effective Amazon Keyword Research 

Amazon Keyword Research is a vital aspect to the SEO game. There are Amazon SEO tools available that are specifically tailored to assist your eCommerce business in connecting to an audience based on what they are seeking!

At any cost, you must not fail to use the right set of keywords. The correct keywords will assign your product to a specific category, which will help the A10 search engine shoot your products to the top spot.

Though A10 is an elegant piece of advanced AI tech, it still fails to detect your product if you do not use the right keywords to speak to it.

 Implementing the strategies mentioned above will surely help you better place your products in the right category, and you will eventually be there at the top spot you’ve been longing for.

The Key Takeaways 

For starters, you will have a tad bit of a hard time figuring out how your product will rank higher in the Marketplace. Not to mention the gruesome competition that lies ahead on your way and the ever-dynamic Amazon’s complex A10 search engine.

 It would be best if you hire a professional Amazon SEO consultant to help you get started. For the best results and guaranteed results, feel free to check us out!


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