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What’s Going to Make Your Amazon PPC Campaign Sing in 2022?


The power of Amazon PPC is evident and this blog is going to guide you in setting up result-oriented PPC campaign goals to achieve your campaign objectives and, in turn, fulfill your business objectives. You will also be educated on how key performance indicators(KPIs) can help track campaign performance. For relevant guidance and assured success, get in touch with a Fab On Go Amazon PPC specialist today!

Did you know that Amazon has 1.9 million sellers on the platform this year? You definitely can’t count that many on your fingers and that isn’t taking away the big challenge that has arrived. It’s a no-brainer that Amazon PPC is a powerful tool for visibility but being an e-commerce giant and a prominent advertising player today, the competition is stiff. So how do you stand out and claim success? You focus on your Amazon PPC campaign goals.

No cheap tricks but simply setting effective PPC campaign goals can meet your campaign and business objectives. Here’s how:

Figure Out Your Amazon Advertising PPC Campaign Goals

Where to start: Focus on your business goals. The deeper you dive, the better you will define your campaign goals.

The truth is you will rarely see a miss an approach like this where your advertising goals tie back to your business goals and campaign objective.

There are different campaign goals to consider. The categories are as follows

  • Awareness: These goals focus on reaching out and growing your audience so new people discover your brand and offerings.
  • Consideration: Here your objective is to target and engage shoppers as they are browsing and researching your product before deciding to buy it.
  • Purchase: Also known as conversion goals, they are concerned with making and boosting sales. If your influence is right, you have a shopper becoming your buyer.
  • Loyalty: Here you engage the audience to become repeat customers with you. They have done it before. You just have to them a reason again to do it and drive a purchase.

For example, if your business goal is to increase your sales, it can be easily associated with Awareness goals and also Purchase goals. Or if your want to improve organic rankings, we could be connecting them to Awareness goals and Loyalty goals.

Once you have set clear goals, you have to finetune your Amazon PPC Campaign setup considering ad types, keywords, budget, and timeline.

Measure Your Amazon PPC Campaign Goals

Apply a good KPI and you can keep track of your campaign performance and learn to improve and groove with time.

Here are some achievable and important KPIs that you should consider for your campaign:

Cost per Click (CPC): Your campaign goal choice impacts your goal ad cost. This KPI can be used to understand how your budget may influence your profitability or impressions. A high CPC is generally associated with a high number of impressions. Is your CPC is going through the roof? You may control it by conducting keyword analysis to find keywords that won’t send your budget or spending off track. Paying less for the same or a higher volume of traffic sounds sane, right?

  • Click-through-rate (CTR): If you want to gauge the appeal of your Amazon PPC ad to your campaign audience, this is your go-to KPI to track. A low CTR suggests that your ad is not interesting enough to set your audience on a course that ends up buying.
  • Conversion rate (CVR): You deserve a high conversion rate. For your brand, product, and advertising efforts, yes. But there’s more to consider along. If you have a high CTR and a low CVR, there must be a fault in your messaging which can encourage consumers to forget you and shop elsewhere. But if you have an expensive range of products being advertised, your CVR can be low for the obvious habit of shoppers looking for an economic deal.
  • Advertising Cost of Sales (ACoS): As an Amazon seller, your dibs should be on this one. ACoS can help figure out your ad’s profitability against your spending to drive a sale. 
  • Total Cost of Sales (TACoS): Time to look at the bigger picture. This metric helps you find how much of the advertising spending is relative to the total revenue generated. You wouldn’t want to keep this metric fluctuating much to ensure boosting organic sales and efficiency.
  • Though your KPI selection will be depending on the categories of your products, ad formats, and marketplaces, ACoS is the metric that helps compare the efficiency of your Amazon advertising campaigns.

Monitor the Progress of Your Amazon Advertising PPC Campaign

Amazon advertising execution is going to keep you busy. More so, on your toes. You need to constantly check and tweak ad campaigns keeping in mind the results you did plan to achieve.  

Remember to wait for a week or so from the start of the campaign before you draw conclusions and make any adjustments.

Audit Your Amazon PPC Campaigns

You don’t have to just monitor how your campaigns are running but you also have to check the relevance of the original goal connect. Auditing is an exercise that tells you if you’re reaching specific goals or not. The findings will inspire you to make necessary changes like trying new ad types.

Final Thoughts

Amazon PPC advertising is here to stay and Fab On Go is your-go to Amazon PPC agency for anything PPC. We help your campaigns succeed in a way that surpasses all expectations. 

We have been assisting sellers in creating and optimizing efficient PPC campaigns. If you want to boost sales by 21% and shrink your ACoS by nearly 29% over time, we’re here for you. Our promise of visibility is not empty but guaranteed.


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