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Why Leverage Amazon’s Sponsored Ads as a Seller?


One of the fastest ways to turn an Amazon page visitor into a buyer is through sponsored ads. For your business to succeed here, they are indispensable. This blog provides an overview of the power and place these ads have for Amazon sellers and why they should be utilized. Fab On Go works tirelessly to help sellers manage pay-per-click marketing campaigns and control their expenses.

Amazon is powerful. More powerful than Facebook. It knows what one wants and helps access these wants. As per the latest statistics, there are 200 million prime members worldwide, with the US having over 148 million prime members who are predicted to rise beyond 157 million members. 

So, there is nothing modest about its growth or impact on shoppers. But it is fairly simple and effective in terms of its advertising options, especially Amazon Sponsored Ads or Amazon PPC. Three out of four Amazon Sellers used this in 2021.

Let’s take a closer look at them and gauge their utility in the hands of sellers.

What are Sponsored Ads on Amazon?

Also known as Pay-Per-Click ads, these allow sellers to make products visible to their target audience by bidding on keywords. For every click, Amazon charges them an amount based on the keywords they’ve bid on. Advertisers, agencies, and third-party sellers can all leverage these ads.

Types of Sponsored Ads and their Main Features

Sponsored Product Ads:

Sponsored Product Ads

  • They are like Google ads and organic listings
  • Most preferred ad type for Amazon sellers
  • Help boosts sales for newly launched products
  • Help grab top positions in the search results for certain keywords
  • Help target competitors’ customer base

Sponsored Brand Ads:

Sponsored Brand  Ads

  • Allow showcasing brand personality through stronger visuals.
  • Supported by an active, professional Amazon brand-registered seller account or a vendor central account. 
  • Can be shown in two formats: a headline banner at the top of SERPs and a video further down.
  • Build trust and authority among existing and future customers.
  • Can be used to tap the loyal customer base of competitors.

Sponsored Display Ads

Sponsored Display Ads

  • They are the latest ad type of Amazon PPC advertising.
  • Help reach relevant audience ON and OFF Amazon.
  • Helps retarget existing customers or site visitors who have already visited listing pages
  • Can be launched across Amazon Display Network websites and apps outside Amazon.

Why Leverage Sponsored Ads on Amazon?

Amazon’s advertising arena has many players, making it competitive. In this scenario, running these ads provides the following benefits:

  • Target the Right Traffic: One can choose their audience based on location, time, date, relevancy, language, and device. You can also retarget or display ads to people who have visited your website previously.
  • Reach Buyers, not Spectators: Amazon customers have a strong search intent and even a stronger buying intent. By showing relevant ads, Amazon PPC makes it easier and quicker for sellers and buyers to find each other.
  • Boost Organic Ranking: Amazon Sponsored Ads help you grab a spot on the top page, leading to increased sales. As your sales move up, so will your product to the top, all organically.
  • Enhance Discoverability: If you have a newly released product, it will take time to rank on its own. These ads will bring in product reviews quicker, resulting in higher organic rankings.
  • Easy on the Pocket: As these charge Amazon sellers only when people click on them, they provide more control over the advertising budget.
  • Quick Results: Unlike SEO which could take months to show its effect, these are an excellent choice for instant visibility and traffic.
  • Offer Easy Customization: Amazon PPC can be automated and modified to support better performance.

Final Thoughts

It may sound intimidating as there is no universal strategy that could suit every campaign type or business vertical. But there is no match for Amazon sponsored ads in visibility and discoverability. Fab On Go can help you leverage its potential as a seller to the fullest. Our promise of visibility is not empty but guaranteed.

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