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We have account health management, PPC, and review-increasing techniques according to your circumstance and goals that are exclusive to your business.

When you schedule a conversation with our experts, you’ll get a free account assessment and a personalized action plan created just for YOUR brand.

Amazon PPC Marketing

Did you know that the majority of Amazon merchants spend their monthly allowance on PPC advertisements that generate little to no revenue?

The average seller pays around $1000 monthly on PPC, but with proper management, expenses may be significantly reduced. While PPC ads are simple to set up, optimization may be challenging.

Our Amazon PPC specialists work tirelessly to assist you in managing pay-per-click marketing campaigns and reducing your expenses.

Our PPC Marketing features:

  • Auditing Existing Campaigns
  • Creating New Campaigns 
  • Strategic Keyword Research 
  • Bid Management 
  • Campaign Tracking and Reporting
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Amazon Sponsored Product Ads

Both first-party and third-party merchants can use the Ad type. Product Ads are often featured at the top and bottom of the search results page, as well as beside your competitor’s product pages.


  • You may bring targeted traffic to your Amazon page by using the Ad.
  • Ads of this type are effective as they aim to blend in with the organic search results around them.
  • Advertisers may pick between exact, phrase, and wide match kinds, as well as adjust bids and campaign length.

Amazon Sponsored Brand Ads

Sponsored Brand Ads are available to merchants as well as brand owners.

  • These kinds of advertisements are 3 times more successful than any other form of Advertisement for converting.
  • Brand Sponsored Ads feature your company logo, a customized headline, and three of your items.
  • They can send visitors to a customized landing page or your brand store page, and this separates them from other kinds.
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Amazon Sponsored Display Ads

Amazon Sponsored Display Ads

This advertising option is available exclusively to Vendors. If you’re a vendor, you may have considered promoting your goods beneath the page of a rival. Product Display Ads accomplish the same thing.

  • You may position your item beneath the rivals’ ‘add to cart’ buttons by targeting buyers based on their interests.
  • Although these advertisements are most widely utilized below the bullet points on a summary page, they can also appear in emails, newsletters, and a variety of other areas outside of the platform.
  • They may also be displayed on consumer review pages and occasionally at the top of listing pages.

Sponsored display advertisements can target certain purchasing behaviours, such as repeat purchases, customers who buy similar products like yours, and even visitors who browsed the product page but didn’t make a purchase.

Our Amazon professionals can assist you in increasing and cross-selling your items with highly targeted Display Ads.

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Coupons & Promos

This functionality is only available to sellers that are registered with the Amazon Brand Registry and have a substantial amount of positive ratings and comments. While using discounts and promotions for Amazon PPC is a relatively new marketing technique, its influence on underperforming items is fairly significant. Coupons do nothing more than provide your product with the much-needed Green Badge, which communicates to your clients that they are receiving a discount.

This offers your consumer the idea that they’re receiving a bargain, but that might not be the truth. Our PPC Specialists can assist you to earn Great Sales with a coupon with a low value.

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