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Amazon vendor central

Detail overview:

Dealing With customer complaints: We handle Customer complaints like mismatch products with size, color. ASIN and EAN issues.

Ordering process:

A. We download Purchase Orders from the vendor central and prepare  excel files for each Brands/supplier.

B. Identify product code ASIN wise and place order on supplier  webshops/websites or send email manualy of the supplier is not set up for webstore.

C. Place orders with accurately with correct size, color and quantity.

D. When a supplier confirms the order that was placed on Webstore we then accept PO’s on Amazon VC.

Mail Communication:

In a case where supplier isnot set up for taking orders on webstore, We then send  orders through email and communicate with suppliers. After they confirm availability, we accept PO in Amazon VC.

Proof Of Delivery process:

If Amazon asks proof for delivery, we collect shipping details and invoice details and then make documents and follow up with the support team to solve issues.

Managing Shipments and tracking

:  Track shipment details weekly if it is  delivered or not.

Monthly PO sales report:

we maintain a sales report on weekly basis.

Merchandising and advertising

Firm sheets:

This sheet is an overview of each supplier’s product details containing EAN’ and ASIN’s and price details for both the supplier product codes and Amazon.

Invoice bookkeeping:

we maintain each invoice details in excel it helps to your financial overview.

Maintaining inventory document from the warehouse: It gives a clear picture of stock management.

New ASIN Setup

Amazon’s product library contains over 400 million items, making it the leading option for product searches and purchases, surpassing Google. Amazon utilizes ASIN to organize this online ecology. It is an acronym for Amazon Standard Identification Number, a ten-character string.

  • When developing new items, you’ll want to adhere to Amazon’s stringent ASIN creation rules and product data standards.
  • At FABONGO, our professional product listing team delivers practical answers to such issues and is skilled at resolving them effortlessly. 
  • We take care of everything, which not only cuts your time but also enhances your product’s placement and rating.
New ASIN Setup


Amazon’s advertising services are designed to assist businesses in increasing their exposure, generating additional demand, and increasing sales. It’s one of the most effective methods for rapidly increasing the exposure of your products on the Amazon marketplace. However, if not carried out properly, it may become expensive and ineffective.

  • COORDINATED STRATEGY – We develop a custom campaign mix customized to your company’s brand requirements in order to outwit your competitors and achieve your marketing objectives.
  • EFFECTIVE MANAGEMENT – Our experienced Amazon analysts utilize cutting-edge technology to pinpoint and act on areas of greatest impact, with an emphasis on increasing ROI.
  • CONTINUAL OPTIMIZATION – Through active testing, clear communication, and thorough analysis and reporting, we are able to uncover new opportunities and boost your profitability.
Amazon Contact Us Forms

Amazon Contact Us Forms

When you manage a firm that operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, you require 24-hour assistance. Keeping your assistance in-house is a bad idea. For many company owners, it’s pricey, time-consuming, and tiresome. Allow specialists to perform the real work for your business, and to your surprise, It may end up being even less expensive.

FABONGO offers a variety of Customer Support Virtual Assistant services to ensure that our clients’ needs are met efficiently. Several of them include the following:

  • Support for Inbound Sales
  • Requests for Invoices
  • Tracking Inventory and Fulfillment
  • Assistance with Billing and Refunds
  • Customer Service for Telemarketing

EBC and Store Design

Creating an Amazon Brand Store helps increase shopper interest by providing a curated place for users to browse your items and learn more about your brand. Additionally, brand stores allow Amazon Sellers and Vendors to establish brand synergy both on and off Amazon. 

We understand that you are more than a shop. That’s why our Amazon Brand Store design service is highly brand-conscious and strives to build Amazon stores for you that are an exact reflection of your brand.

Some of the ways by which we will tailor your brand store:

  • Building Creative and Customized UX design
  • Use of Attractive Templates
  • Custom curation of products
  • Integrated promotion using social share buttons
ARA Basic Reports

ARA Basic Reports

The main management software accessible to Amazon Vendors is Amazon Retail Analytics Basic. Vendors that create an Amazon Vendor Central profile will have accessibility to these reports.

  • Amazon Retail Analytics Report gives you access to three distinct types of sales and inventory information over a four-day period.
  • It allows you to examine your shipped cost of goods sold, your on-hand stock price and quantities, and the amounts of open purchase orders.
  • Reports enable you to examine sales and inventory statistics by product.
  • The report identifies your top-performing goods and can give useful information into how to increase total sales.
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