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Amazon Attribution- External Traffic

Struggling with traction and traffic? Not to worry. We help you bypass the competition and break through the clutter. Well help drive traffic directly to you and the best part is that it is cost-effective, to say the least. With Big Internet eCommerce as your solution provider, you can be sure to sit back and watch the traffic flow. Our advertising and analytics measurement solutions ensure that your brand on Amazon gets the attention it deserves.
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Why Big Internet eCommerce?

1) Reduce Amazon Ad costs- Drive traffic directly to your storefront by sidestepping competition.

2) Boost Seller rank- External traffic can up sales to a great extent which in turn leads to higher search rankings in the future.

3) A deeper understanding of your Amazon customers- Improve business outside of Amazon with insight into customer actions.  

Amazon Attribution: What Is It?

Amazon attribution gives you insights into the impact of non-Amazon marketing channels on purchase activity and sales performance.

We help you check the impact of your ads on Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, Youtube, and a whole lot of other non-Amazon marketing channels.

We help you:

1) Measure the impact of cross-channel digital marketing activities

2) Optimize using on-demand advertising analytics to increase impact and efficiency

3) Plan ahead by advising you on what strategy works best for you, gives the highest ROI, and  drives sales to help with your brand’s future marketing plans

Channels include:

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Our Amazon Attribution Service Includes:

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