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Get your first Product Photoshoot for FREE!

4 Simple Yet Powerful Steps for a Successful Amazon Ad Campaign


Have you invested in Amazon PPC? Are you waiting for great results?

Mere investment in Amazon Ads is not enough for the success of your Ad campaign. You need to support your investment with some basic features to ensure the smooth and successful running of your Amazon Ad campaign.

How to Troubleshoot and Optimize your Amazon PPC

Here are 4 simple steps to make a successful Amazon Ad Campaign.

  1. Add a strong title and compelling content with bullet points to your Product Detail Page

When a customer clicks on your product Ad on Amazon, it takes the user to the product detail page. This is the place where you need to get the attention of customers and attract them. To make this happen, the page should contain some essential features. They are:

  • A strong title for your product
  • Relevant and useful product description with key product features like size, color, package, etc.
  • Information about product uses, compatibility, and customer benefits (mentioned in bullets)

A strong product detail page with the most relevant keywords and information can help convert that click into a sale.

  1. Monitor Product Reviews and Customer Ratings

Product ratings and reviews help build the credibility of your brand’s products. Before purchasing any product, a buyer views the star ratings and reviews of the product to know the quality and benefits of the product. This feedback gives buyers the trust to purchase your products.

Make sure to have a star rating of 3.5 or more and at least 15 customer reviews for your advertised products.

  1. High-Resolution Images and Videos

Highlight your product with high-resolution images or videos to engage the customers and drive traffic. Take advantage of the new free features on the Amazon store like Shoppable collection images and images with text to showcase your products with engaging content experiences.

Shoppable collection images

These are rich lifestyle images that feature your products in different settings or collections with complementary products. You can enable customers to click on any of your featured products in the image collection and view the basic information of your product like name, price, prime availability, and customer ratings. They can also add the product to the cart or go to the product detail page. This feature attracts and inspires customers to purchase your product in just a few clicks.

Images with text feature

This feature lets you add descriptive text on images with customizable location, alignment, size, and color to showcase your products in the best possible light. It also improves Amazon SEO, driving traffic to your product on the store from third-party search engines.

  1. Stay in Stock

Being out-of-stock gives an unsatisfactory experience for shoppers. If your product listing page shows out-of-stock, it’s quite natural that users go to other competitor products to purchase, not necessarily waiting for your products.

Positive customer experience is essential to avoid losing sales as well as your Ads visibility.

Take advantage of these simple, yet powerful features to increase the organic ranking of your product, brand awareness, and sales, making your Ad campaign a grand success.

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