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4 Quick Tips for the Amazon Private Label Service


Private label products are goods and services created by one company to sell and branded by another company. Getting the tag of Amazon Private Label seller benefits the business owner with additional features. The Amazon Private Lable Service also gets an identity that increases the percentage of returning users.

A few popular examples of private label products include Walmart’s Great Value brand, Target’s Mainstays, and Amazon’s Essentials. Physical products, intangibles, and services, such as freelance work, web domains, and insurance products, are also private label products.

You must brainstorm ideas if you want to enrol for Amazon Seller Management for private label branding. Ideas can come from anywhere. Social media always has some wild, new product ideas that go viral. You should check out Kickstarter and Indie “The Go-Go”, where brilliant inventors are finding new, innovative ways to pitch products.
So what sort of private-label products should you try to sell on Amazon?

Small And Lightweight Goods

Your product should be able to fit into a small, flat-rate box (8 11/16″ x 5 7/16″ x 1 3/4″) and weigh only one or two pounds. It helps you save on shipping from the manufacturer and when you fulfil the order (either by you or Amazon FBA).


Your product’s sales should NOT be season-dependent. For instance, a few seasonal products include Christmas lights, Valentine’s Day gifts, winter clothing, etc. which should be avoided.
The reason is, it is easy for Amazon to order processing while trending the products for some time. Apart from that, you will be sitting almost idle throughout the year with the hope to get more orders.
So, always find out the products that can be used the whole year, and are always in demand.


Certain products like food, toys, and batteries come with red tape. It makes selling difficult under Amazon Private Lable Service. However, BIE recommends you stick to stuff that’s easy to manufacture and distribute items that don’t require a lot of legal paperwork or certifications.


Electronics can be fun to sell, but those often come with headaches and customer service issues. The same is for fashion and clothing products, which may require you to have multiple colors and sizes for a single SKU.
As a solution, you can choose such goods where Amazon order processing should be easy with less inventory management skills.


Going with Amazon Private Lable Service is a nice strategy to maximize the number of orders you receive every day. At the same time, some obstacles can slow down the performance. A few common hurdles are Amazon review management, product & ASIN optimization, and clean product photography. Have a look at some of the mistakes people make with private-label products so you can better equip yourself if you do decide to sell private-label products.
If you do not care for all these things, seeing huge orders in your Amazon panel might take years.
Why should you be worried if the BIE team is available at your fingertip? You can reach us right away for any queries regarding Amazon private label services and vendor management services.

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