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A Comprehensive Guide on Amazon Sponsored Brands: 2022 Edition



What are Amazon Sponsored Brands?

Previously known as Amazon Headline Search Ads, these banner ads cater to the top of your advertising funnel. Used by ~38% of third-party Amazon sellers currently, these PPC ads display your brand logo, custom tagline, and multiple products at the top of Amazon search results.

Amazon Sponsored Brands allow shoppers to find your products and boost your brand awareness. Once clicked, these ads send your prospects to your storefront or landing page and push them farther down the funnel.

Who can Use Sponsored Brands?

Amazon sellers having a verified Amazon Brand Registry account can use sponsored brand ads. Visible on both mobile and desktop, these increase brand visibility while promoting your products.

How do Sponsored Brand Ads Work?

We already mentioned that Sponsored Brand Ads are PPC (pay-per-click) ads that target keyword searches in a way similar to Sponsored Product ads. As a seller, you have control over your bids for each keyword and the daily budget for each of your campaigns as well. 

There are 3 types of Ad Formats available:

Product Collection: These ads drive product awareness when the products are less visible organically. With these, you can target up to three of your brand products from a landing page of your liking. A prospect can comfortably browse a collection of your products all in one place without any distraction from competitor ads. Product collection ads could be particularly useful to expand your reach of bestselling products within a particular category.

Store Spotlight Ads: These ads are available only to brand-registered sellers who have an Amazon storefront with at least three sub-pages, each sub-page having at least one unique product. Store spotlight ads offer an excellent opportunity to direct and boost traffic towards your personal e-commerce website on Amazon. Neither there is any distraction like that from a product detail page nor there are any ads on your storefront.

Sponsored Brands Video: This format enables brands and sellers to highlight a product with an auto-playing video. These are game-changing as they take advantage of the recently much-hyped and growing video content to make a product stand out in search results. A 15–30 second informative video makes a good sponsored brands video ad.

How to Set Up Amazon Sponsored Brands?

Step 1: Go to the “Advertising” tab in Seller Central and click on “Campaign Manager” first and then on “Create campaign.”

Step 2: Next, under “Choose your campaign type”, you click on “Sponsored Brands” 

Step 3: Then, under “Settings” you have to enter your campaign name, the date range for your ad run time, a daily budget, and the brand you want to advertise. 

Step 4: Next, you have to select your Ad format (Product collection, Store spotlight, or Video ad). Let’s take Product collection as this example.

Step 5: Next, you need to choose at least three brand products to feature. 

Step 6: Then you have to add your creative content- a custom headline, your logo, a custom image and decide the order of your products.

Step 7: Lastly, you have to choose your targeting. Put in your target keywords and set your bid for every keyword. 

Once you’ve chosen all the keywords you want, click the “Submit for review” button. Amazon takes a maximum of 72 hours to review ads. Once approved, your ad should be up and running.

BIE can take over this responsibility and more to have your Sponsored Brands ads running successfully in no time. 

Why Use Sponsored Brand Ads?

  • Amazon Sponsored Brand Ads are for upper-funnel advertising and are highly effective in building brand awareness.
  • They can perform better than sponsored products because of their strong CTR.
  • Their RoAS is the highest among the Amazon PPC ad types 
  • They convert better by directing traffic to stores where there is no distraction due to competitor ads.
  • They are versatile.
  • These ads help improve advertising efforts. They offer a unique reporting tool called New-to-Brand metrics, which informs you if a sale came from a new customer or an existing one. 

Final Thoughts

If you need any help with setting up your Amazon Sponsored Brands ads or want the entire management of your PPC initiatives to be taken care of, BIE is there for you. 

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