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3 Must-Know Amazon Listing Optimization Tips & Tricks


3 Must-Know Amazon Listing Optimization Tips & Tricks

Right off the bat, if seeking visitors to discover your products from many competitors is 50% work, the other half is all about influencing them to buy right now! Thorough knowledge of the ifs and buts to an effective Amazon listing Optimization is a must if you want to be on your A-game. 

It comes in aid to not let those potential buyers slip away. You need to beat the algorithm at its game if you want to rank your product higher. This brings us to the frequently asked question-

Is Following Amazon A9 Algorithm Enough for Product Listing Optimization?

This article will take you through a step-by-step guide to better understand Amazon Listing Optimization– optimizing your existing product listings in the most effective way to convert sales.

#1 Optimizing the Amazon Title

The foremost important thing to consider is adhering to an “ideal title format.” A typical format is structured as:

  • primary/main keyword
  • the brand name follows immediately
  • secondary target keywords
  • main specs/attributes
  • benefits

An example of an ideal Amazon product title is: 100% Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil by Lullaby | Triple-refined, Cold-Pressed Olive Oil for healthy Cooking, 20 Ounce | UV resistant BPA free bottle

Other useful tips to keep in your head while curating Amazon Titles-

  • Keep it mobile-friendly. Only the first 80 characters of your title will be displayed, so make sure you have the primary keywords within the considered limit.
  • Avoid keyword stuffing. Keep the title readable and straightforward. Anything that sounds gibberish followed by a bunch of random keywords that doesn’t connect to a sentence is not worth it.
  • Make sure to include the brand name; it showers credibility.

#2 Crucial Placement of Product Images

While scrolling down the search results, the first thing a buyer ought to notice is the preview image. If you nail this, things are easier ahead!

We advise you to stick to the main product image- no backdrops, props, and texts—just a clean image of your product with a transparent, white background. 

Followed by the main image, now is when you add a closeup. This ensures the quality of your products. Feel free to try out different camera angles:

Lastly, you can wrap it up with some infographics of your product. That’s all!

#3 Optimizing Product Descriptions

It’s a no-brainer that enhanced and effective description content contributes to more conversions. A beautifully curated description helps buyers connect your product to a real-life scenario and how it can be helpful to them.

Amazon’s AI-powered A10 search engine prioritizes long tail/medium keywords present in a product description, affecting the ranking factor.

It’s always rewarding to add more info about your brand and products in this description segment that allows buyers to know more about “who you are” and fosters credibility.  

Also, remember that product description is given more value on mobile searches. 

There are probably 101 other factors to a good product description, and that’s a discussion for another day!

Wrap Up

Amazon’s ever-changing algorithm makes it challenging to keep up. When you’re reading this about best practices on image optimization and keywords, it may not be guaranteed to work tomorrow. There are no longer those days where you could just “Set it and Forget it.” It won’t cut it!

FabOnGo understands what A10 evaluates in your Amazon product listing. Our team pivots on assessing listings and knit picking for possible strategic mishaps. We monitor, update, and curate listings for vendors, strictly owing to Amazon’s dynamic and complex algorithm.

In case of any assistance needed, we’re always here and happy to help!

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