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3 Mistakes That Can turn out deadly while Selling on Amazon


All the sellers on Amazon together make and drive the Amazon community by abiding by the comprehensive selling policies and best practices that have been set up for them. But there are cases when both the New and Experienced Amazon FBA Sellers make some mistakes throughout their selling passage. Some of these mistakes are minor while others are potent enough to cost you thousands of dollars and may even collapse your business which no one wants.

Just to prevent you from getting into the same trap as others, we will cover 3 deadly mistakes to be avoided while Selling on Amazon, whether it is account Setting up or order handling. 

  1. Violation of Rules

Amazon is a huge platform that runs according to the rules and regulations and is very particular with its obedience. Each and every seller must know & stick to the rules and regulations of Amazon, no matter if you are a junior or senior seller.

Misunderstanding Amazon rules can be severe! Your account will be banned and inventory loss that is stored in Amazon warehouses is sure to cost you hundreds or thousands of dollars! You may not be able to create another account and sell again on the Amazon platform. 

  1. Mistakes while Setting Up an Amazon Account

Amazon Seller Account is the basic interest for Amazon Sellers because they have to deal with their business through the seller account. Any faults or mishaps during the set-up of the Amazon Sellers account or later can have drastic effects on your business and can cost you a loss worth thousands. The different kinds of mistakes you can commit while setting up a seller account are:

  • More than one Seller account Registration
  • Imitate Other Seller’s layout

  • Choosing the Wrong Account Type
  • Ignoring the Competition

Amazon selling needs a lot of superior planning and proper execution to attain success. Extensive keyword research, optimization, and competitor check is a must-do to succeed. Focus on the reviews and ratings a product receives. If 10 or more sellers are getting 100 or >100 reviews, it means that competition is high and that you have to cut this competition to attain your rank. Neglecting the competition and trying to get the buyers through Investing in PPC without proper research can take thousands of dollars away from your wallet without getting any profit in return.

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