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5 Design Ideas for Quality A+ Content


It should come as no surprise that A+ Content, also known as Enhanced Brand Content, is one of the best resources a seller can utilize to strengthen brand recognition and win over Amazon customers. It’s shocking to see that A+ Content on Amazon is arguably one of the least-visited areas of an Amazon listing.

Useful Design Tips for Strong A+ Content Amazon

  • Show the Product’s Core Selling Points Visually – Considering all of the possible ways to effectively demonstrate the Product’s Core Selling Points is the first step in developing A+ Content. Then decide on the choices that are the most appealing and efficient.
  • Communicate Effectively and Quickly – It is illogical to assume that an Amazon customer will spend several minutes reading numerous paragraphs of A+ Content. Short and straightforward value propositions tend to be more appealing to Amazon customers. Think about only presenting information about your product that the consumer will be most interested in knowing about.
  • Create a Difference Between Your Product and the Competition – Every product on Amazon is up against a variety of other products. Additionally, it’s more important than ever that you make your product stand out due to the Recommended Products that are displayed on the listing. The greatest way to prevent customers from leaving your listing in the middle of their purchasing choice is to highlight your product’s main differentiators to Amazon customers. Spend some time studying your competitors before capitalizing on how your items differ in the A+ Content.
  • Address Frequently Asked Questions from Customers – Making the effort to learn about and anticipate the questions your clients may have can help you to better serve them. For instance, a company that sells health supplements ought to explain where its ingredients come from, whatever credentials it has, and how or why its products function. Make sure to address any important queries, reservations, or worries a customer might have when debating buying your goods.
  • Ensure that your A+ Content for Amazon works well on both desktop and mobile devices by optimizing for mobile. You may make sure that your information is readable at any size by using large text sizes and some of Amazon’s responsive module designs.

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