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Amazon Advertising Strategy Secret Sauce in 2022


To thrive in Amazon’s competitive landscape, it is necessary to explore various brand-specific opportunities, different ad types, and targeting options. A robust advertising strategy with the right mix of everything mentioned above and more will connect your better with your customers. 

Dive in to discover what you will need to take your Amazon advertising strategy to another level or <get in touch> with a Fab On Go PPC expert today. 

Get Clarity on Your Business Goals

Clear business goals convert customers. It may sound strange at first but the fundamentals bring out the final results. Before you create campaigns, make sure you ask yourself these questions:

  • What stage is my product in?
  • Do I desire long-term profitability?
  • Do I want to reach untapped customers or grow a loyal fanbase with the existing ones? 

And so on…

It is essential to align your business goals with your campaign objectives. Ask as many questions as you can to yourself that will extract the real potential out of your ad campaigns and justify your set campaign objectives and business goals to the greatest extent.

Know Your Buyer’s Journey

Your buyers might find your offering interesting but that alone isn’t the driving factor for your sales. Reaching out to them with the right message at the right time in the current stage of their buying journey will convert them.

You want to create every opportunity to stay on top of your buyers’ heads till they are convinced to buy from you. Every stage in your customer’s journey serves as a touchpoint to create awareness and build trust.

Understanding your buyers, influencing them through strategic excellence, and then selling them your product is what guarantees success in the long run.

Choose the Right Advertising Options for Yourself 

Amazon’s ad spend had jumped to 55% in 2021 which is more than double the 20.6% rise observed in the broader retail sector. This is indicative of Amazon’s ambition to stay the leading e-commerce website globally. 

This is why, year after year, Amazon continues to innovate and energize its advertising and targeting options. You should be able to assess your ad choice considering where your prospect is in the funnel and optimize your campaigns accordingly.

Improve Targeting

Better the targeting, the better the ad performance. You have different targeting types to for displaying your ads at the right time and the right place for your ideal customers. For example, automatic targeting is great for finding competent keywords while manual targeting is essential for controlling ad spending. Then, there is a sweet spot where you introduce the keywords found through automatic targeting into your manual campaigns and reap the best results.

Push for Profitability

Ideally, your ad campaigns turn profitable only if the profit you generate is higher than the ad spend. It’s imperative to know your break-even ACoS to ensure the profitability of your ads. You should also know it is not the only way to earn profit. What if you want to aim for long-term profits? You will then consider nurturing the existing customer base rather than attracting new ones to increase Customer Lifetime Value(CLV). To turn profitable in the long run, you might have to reconsider or change your breakeven point and increase your ad spend.

Reap More than You Sow 

The ripple effect of advertising is more powerful than we can imagine. If your advertising is on point, it will boost sales. If your sales increase, you will get better rankings. Better rankings with good customer service result in enhanced product visibility, which will then drive more sales. So, it is clear that advertising will become an indispensable part of your growth and profitability.

Do not have a short-sighted vision for your PPC efforts. You don’t want to be a winner just today but every day. You have to finetune your Amazon advertising strategy to keep on building a sales momentum that can, for most parts, run on autopilot and fulfill your business goals.

Final Thoughts

If you have observed, by now, you know that the secret sauce of a perfect advertising strategy is made up of individual ingredients so well-known to all of us. It was just harder to picture them together. Our PPC specialists are familiar with all the nuances of Amazon advertising and can simplify it for you through their expertise.

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