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Amazon Advertising Trends in Play in 2022


There’s no doubt that 2022 will be an explosive year for Amazon. Amazon will do all things possible to stay the world’s leading eCommerce website. One has to stay at the top of the advertising trends to have an edge over the competition. Here are some trends that have already started showing their impact in 2022.

New Features in Amazon Sponsored Display Campaigns 

New Bulksheets

If you’re a vendor or a seller, the new bulksheets feature that rolled out in January this year helps you create and optimize sponsored campaigns at scale and update campaign names in bulk. It offers a new spreadsheet template for better data formatting and quicker uploading time. These bulksheets help you manage thousands of keywords simultaneously. This update prevents you from investing the time and effort required to manage Amazon Sponsored Display campaigns.

Sponsored Display Creative Customization

From this July, advertisers using Sponsored Display could finally start customizing their creatives further by adding a headline, logo, and lifestyle image. They can choose to add one or any combination of these assets to help shoppers discover your brand and product.

Expansion of Bid Recommendations

Announced in February 2022, It has enabled Sponsored Display vCPM-based campaigns to use suggested bids in the Amazon Advertising console. 

These recommendations are helpful for new CPC-based or vCPM-based product targeting or views-based remarketing campaigns. The machine learning bid recommendation offers you a suggested bid and bid range that is updated daily. This saves you from indulging in your own bid or competitive research.

New Ad Groups for Amazon Vendors and Sellers

Launched in February 2022, this new feature in the advertising console is an excellent addition for vendors and sellers. Ad groups are basically used to organize ads based on brand, product, category, targeting strategy, price range, or theme. Hence, this feature helps improve the organizing and managing of campaigns.

Amazon Sponsored Display Budget Rules

Amazon advertisers can now set campaign budget rules for Sponsored Display. According to this feature that was rolled out in February 2022, there are two new types of budget rules:

  • Performance-based rules
  • Schedule-based rules

As these budget rules can be set for specific dates or events, they control overspending of the budget, giving you the chance to cash in on all the important sales events. These rules also save the time it takes to adjust budgets.

Twitch Advertising 

An exclusive for Amazon sellers, Sponsored Display ads can now target Twitch. As a seller, you can reach a massive untapped audience here. As you can purchase Sponsored Display ads on a cost-per-click basis with no minimum budget, there is hardly any risk in trying this out. Given the massive growth of Twitch and its faithful fan base of its content creators, this could be a game-changing investment.

Amazon Interactive Audio Ads

Rolled out in the month of May 2022 and available in the US, these audio ads have simplified engaging with brands or services further. When listeners hear interactive audio ads they are interested in on an Alexa-enabled device, they can simply reply to the Alexa call-to-action by voice and take actions like requesting more info via email, adding an item to their cart, etc. without interrupting their streaming audio content.

Amazon Advertising Cost Increase 

Last year, nearly 59% of Amazon sellers were concerned about the increasing ad costs on the platform this year. The Amazon advertising cost depends on factors such as your ad types, your daily budget, your targeting type, and your bids per keyword. But knowing that Amazon became the biggest advertiser in history with a record $16.9bn ad spend at the beginning of this year, advertisers will need to spend more to stand out. It is important to note that despite the steady hike in cost-per-click, Amazon ads cost 68% less than Google ads and 44% less than Facebook ads.

Amazon Brand Registry Features 

Many sellers, while selling a product under their brand, are afraid of random merchants hijacking their product. Amazon Brand Registry gives sellers sole ownership of the “Amazon Buy Box“. Therefore, even if someone tries to hijack a product, the authorized seller can get in touch with Amazon seller support to take action. 

Final Thoughts

There was much expected out of 2022 and much has already been delivered. Have a Fab On Go advertising specialist look into your Amazon PPC or introduce these new possibilities into your current advertising strategy to grow your brand and sales.

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