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Amazon Brand Store Best Practices


The brand must be registered with Amazon Brand Registry to be qualified to launch a Brand Store. Brands will also require a ton of photos, videos, and a Brand Registry. Brand Stores are intended to provide customers with highly visual and captivating experiences. You can use stock photos if you don’t have many unique images for your items and companies but the user experience will be quite subpar. As an alternative, you can pay someone to design unique images for your brand.

Some of the best practices for Amazon store setup are:

  • Use a lot of high-quality images – Experiences in Brand Stores are intended to be very visual. Online shoppers should be enthused as soon as they land on your Brand Store website. That entails photos for your brand in addition to images of professional caliber for your products. Customers should be aware of your brand’s history and core values, and photos and videos are crucial in conveying this information.
  • Make an “About Us” page – Your Brand Store ought to have an “About Us” section or page. The brands that please their customers are the most successful, and building a relationship with them is essential to doing so.
  • Make a logical navigation menu – Sort your pages and subpages according to interest, category, product line, or age. Make your Brand Store as simple to use as possible for your customers to navigate.
  • Include Your Whole Catalog – Making sure your Brand Store is connected to every one of your listings will help you provide a consistent experience for your customers. The only situation in which this rule does not apply is if you have a single listing that sells terribly, in which case you might not want to display it next to the other listings in your catalog that do well.
  • Use Your Brand Store as a Marketing Tool – Brand Stores are a beneficial resource for your Amazon business, but their effectiveness shines when combined with other marketing initiatives. Brand Stores perform amazingly well with sponsored brand ads, sponsored brand videos, Amazon posts, social media advertising, and influencer marketing.

One of the numerous advantages of Amazon store management is that they display their products in a prominent place that is mostly isolated from the competitors. Brand stores can be used in addition to social media marketing and Amazon advertising.

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