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Amazon’s Enhanced Brand Content can Help you Bring in More Customers


You may significantly spice up your ordinary listings using Amazon’s enhanced branded content (EBC). You might be familiar with Amazon A+ Content, a fee-based business model that allows HTML content to enhance and customize your listings. But what is EBC on Amazon? EBC is a little different from other platforms in that you may edit your listings without any coding knowledge.

EBC on Amazon is provided without charge to marketplace third-party retailers. Its main service is the ability to completely change product descriptions on ASINs for branded products. You’re more likely to grow your Amazon presence by changing the product text and differentiating your products with more captivating descriptions.

Amazon EBC Guideline to Bring in More Customers

By enabling you to apply specific optimization to your listings, the EBC tool goes a step further. For instance, sellers can select from a variety of product layouts, update product pictures to the more advantageous higher-resolution creative, and present a brand story, all of which improve the shopping experience for customers.

When relating to the performance consequences of advertisements, Amazon is emulating Google’s focus on the user experience. Given that the customer has more knowledge to make an informed purchase decision, the EBC tool might also enable a decrease in product returns.

  • Your text can be made simpler to read and understand by getting rid of any unnecessary complications. This is especially relevant to items with a variety of features and functionalities. This immediately satisfies a variety of demands. Customers can more clearly understand the value of such products by using images, videos, and well-defined custom content.
  • The most typical customer inquiries and questions can be addressed. You must carefully check the content of customer questions, reviews, and comments in your product listing before providing Amazon EBC service. A+ material is a fantastic technique to dispel uncertainties. Customers will get the idea that you are taking care of their worries even before they can voice their problems.
  • You can set your goods out from the competitors. It should go without saying that Amazon is a very competitive market. Obtaining goods with a significant profit margin or those in a market with few vendors have grown more and more challenging over time. Visually appealing content marketing, which possibly only Amazon A+ content currently comes up with, is one distinctive technique to draw attention.

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