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Draw More Customers with Enhanced Brand Content


You may significantly spice up your ordinary listings using Amazon’s enhanced branded content (EBC). You might be familiar with A+ Content Amazon, a fee-based business model that allows HTML content to improve and customize your listings. EBC is a little different from other platforms in that you may edit your listings without any coding knowledge.

By enabling you to apply specific optimization to your listings, the EBC for Amazon as a tool goes a step further.

For instance, sellers can select from a variety of product layouts, update product pictures to the more advantageous higher-resolution creative, and present a brand story, all of which improve the shopping experience for customers.

Guidelines for EBC on Amazon to Attract More Customers

Sellers are allowed to have 20 pending product submissions at once while using Amazon’s Enhanced Brand Content service, which is free to use. You must give Amazon up to seven days for each submission so that it can review and approve the content. Furthermore, as a fee-based system is anticipated to be put in place, it is suggested that sellers use the product early on.

You have more freedom than ever to create an appealing storefront that perfectly expresses the essence of your business thanks to enhanced brand content. Beautiful headlines, top-notch images, and interesting writing all combine to make a welcoming and interesting storefront for visitors. In addition to helping your business stand out, appealing storefronts optimize your listings, retaining visitors for longer and increasing the likelihood that they will convert.

EBC for Amazon is a technique to strengthen the brand loyalty you’ve previously established with your clientele through enhanced brand content. The lack of branding options for more well-known brands on Amazon has historically been a significant problem. This has levelled the playing field in retail and encouraged the growth of private-label merchants and items, which could be detrimental to well-known and reputable businesses.

With EBC, marketers are able to remind customers of their unique selling points in a way that is not achievable with bullets and descriptions that are merely text. On Amazon, buyers compare products in search of justifications not to make a purchase. By addressing their concerns with additional depth and graphics, EBC provides you with the ability to increase the likelihood that your prospects will convert. For more information, go to the BIE website!

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