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Enhance Your Amazon Product Listing with EBC


Marketers have a place to further encourage potential buyers to buy their products on the marketplace thanks to Amazon’s Enhanced Brand Content (EBC). Amazon continues to introduce additional chances for brands to customize their content and include their look, even while it doesn’t provide the same level of branding freedom as having your eCommerce website. Even though this area is optional, it’s recommended to use it to convert a potential client into a brand-new one by moving your customers farther down the buyer funnel! By creating an EBC Amazon template with powerful pictures, product advantages, and branding, any eligible brand may add EBC to their listings.


How to Compose Images for EBC Amazon?


Be mindful of how your photos are framed when adding them to your EBC Amazon. As the image’s main subject, the product should be prominently presented. Ensure that the product is seen from a variety of perspectives. On the back of bottles, the inside/underside of products, and close-ups of individual product components, you can list the ingredients and nutritional information (like switches and knobs, small details, etc.).


A person using your product should be seen in action. While images of objects in a still state are wonderful, customers want to see the thing in action. Regarding the lifestyle photographs, be careful of the background. Your entire brand’s visual identity must be coherent and complementary to one another.


Always use a variety of angles when taking lifestyle photos, just like when taking product photos. Additionally, you can use images with text callouts that are consistent with your brand that is overlaid on them to produce appealing, tidy visuals that will draw customers in.


The main objective of your EBC Amazon listing is to emphasize aspects and applications of your items that will aid clients in understanding what they are about to purchase. Customers who are satisfied with your items and want to refer them to others will appreciate your EBC’s transparency.


You may give your consumers a more enhanced visual experience and assist them in making a better-informed choice before they buy by using the EBC section. It can boost your conversion rates and lower the number of dissatisfied consumers whose expectations weren’t met. It is worthwhile to include a robust EBC section on your Seller Central Listings because it benefits both you and the customer. Visit the BIE website to know all about professional services.

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