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Get your first Product Photoshoot for FREE!

Guidelines for Amazon A+ Content


It’s no secret that you must differentiate yourself from the competition if you want to succeed on Amazon. Utilizing the numerous tools and features that Amazon offers its sellers is a fantastic method to continuously enhance your product listings and boost sales.

Having the ability to create Amazon A+ content descriptions is one of the most useful features. A+ pages are created to catch your eye and can help you boost conversions, brand awareness, and overall sales.

How to Address the Main Content Problems 

Check these typical reasons for rejection before submitting to be sure our system won’t reject your material.

  • Information about pricing or promotions – Do not include pricing, promotional information, discounts, or wording encouraging customers to make a purchase, such as “buy now,” “add to basket,” “get yours now,” or “shop with us.”
  • Customer Testimonials – Customer reviews are not permitted in A+ Content. Check Amazon Author Central to create an Author Page and give more details about your book to add Editorial Reviews.
  • Time-sensitive information – Avoid using words like now, new, latest, yet, on sale now, the latest product, the best yet, or references to holidays when discussing time-sensitive material. 
  • A maximum of four quotes or endorsements are permitted for publications – Only quotations from well-known authors or prominent people should be used, and they must be accompanied by the author’s name and, if mentioning a publication, the book’s title.

Useful Image and Text Formatting Tips for Best Amazon A+ Content

  • The RGB colorspace picture file types that are supported are jpg and png. Colorspace in CYMK is not supported. The size of each file must not exceed 2 MB. At least 72 dpi should be used for resolution. It is not permitted to utilize animated pictures (like GIFs).
  • It is not permitted to utilize photos that are pixelated, unclear, or include watermarks or tiny, illegible text when displayed on mobile devices.
  • Content can be rejected if the image alt-text, formerly known as image keywords, does not explain the image and would not be helpful to a user of a screen reader application.
  • A+ requires original graphics and content. The same photographs that are now published in the page’s image gallery should not be used again. The purpose of A+ Content for Amazon is to highlight special features of the product.

You can alter the appearance of Amazon A+ Content however you like. Throughout, you can include pictures, sizable infographics, and explanatory text. Visit the BIE website right now to learn more about all the expert services.

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