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How to Increase Sales on Amazon with A+ Content or EBC


To help brands create more in-depth and interesting product detail pages, Amazon offers the enhanced content feature known as A+ content or EBC (Enhanced Brand Content).

People purchase goods from vendors who provide more in-depth information about their goods. Content can help you promote your business and is very important. Adding new content gives you more opportunities to target new keywords because search engines love fresh content. People are more likely to interact with your content on social media, online stores, and social networking sites when they find what they’re looking for in it.

Benefits of EBC on Amazon 

Quality media has two impacts on how well a product performs. First off, brands should anticipate improved sell-through rates by building a more complete and pertinent product page. A+ can, on average, boost sales by 3% to 10%, according to Amazon.

A+ content not only conveys a stronger brand story and boosts click-through rates, but it also raises your product search ranking. Rich media possibilities offered by A+ are immediately advantageous to marketers in two ways. It raises conversion rates, which indirectly raises Amazon’s page rank, and overall search ranking (which improves traffic, and thus overall rank and performance on Amazon).

A+ content improves brand credibility in addition to the advantages already discussed. It inspires customers to purchase your goods. Telling the story of your brand, highlighting the reasons why your product is special, and outlining your brand’s strengths are all made easier by Amazon EBC guidelines. You can emphasize distinctive value aspects for customers who want to know why they should purchase your product. Private-label brands will benefit greatly from being able to tell a compelling tale since it will allow them to stand out from the generic and major brand competition.

EBC helps to enhance a variety of buying habits. A small percentage of buyers read every passage, but most choose to focus on the bolded headings and visual signals for the overall diagram. Visual aids like images and recordings can unquestionably depict the properties of an item. Customers can quickly assess various contributions within a product offering using item grids. An excellent first impression is produced through content. Item depictions only have a brief window of inspiration. seven seconds specifically. The decisions made shape the web. Giving your clients compelling, useful information is a good method to get their attention and aid in decision-making.

EBC content Amazon offers a previously unheard-of chance to set your product apart from other goods of a similar nature. To learn more about all the expert services, visit the BIE website.


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