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Not Getting The Right ASIN for Product Listing Optimization? Here Is The Solution

Not Getting The Right ASIN

Not Getting The Right ASIN for Product Listing Optimization? Here Is The Solution

If you are a regular seller on Amazon, you must have seen a box at the time of listing a product to put the ASIN. But did you know what ASIN Optimization is and why it is used on Amazon only?

Let us tell you quickly all the essential codes used on Amazon for optimizing the product listing. A good understanding of required codes will help you easily manage the products and optimize them well to outrank the competitors on Amazon.

3 Frequently uses codes on Amazon

#1 ASIN (Amazon Standard Identification Number)

Everything is sold on Amazon under more than 30 existing categories, from beauty products, kids’ toys, and jewellery to electronic gadgets. Being the most trustworthy online shopping website, Amazon is known for its well-maintained product gallery.

To segregate all the products for easy user navigation, Amazon has developed their standard code, i.e., known as ASIN. It is a 10-digit unique identifying code assigned to different categories. Sometimes, you might have seen the ASIN in the title that comes under the strategy of Amazon Title Optimization.

To optimize your products and seller rankings, you also need to understand the product categories for Amazon ASIN Setup.

#2 ISBN (International Standard Book Number)

ISBN is a 13-digit unique code that is issued to book publishers. It holds the information of five key elements about the author, the organization, or the company the book is getting published by.

The five elements of ISBN are

  1.     Prefix element
  2.     Publication element
  3.     Registration group element
  4.     Registrant element
  5.     Check digit

If you deal in online bookselling on Amazon, you must use the relevant ISBN to list the publicly available books and Product Listing Optimization.

#3 SKU (Stock keeping unit)

SKU is the custom code that the product manufacturer or seller creates. It is the combination of alphabets and digits with a maximum allowed length of 40 characters.

SKU is used to manage the physical inventory and is customizable at the seller or manufacturer’s end. Assigning a unique code for each product helps the sellers to track and manage product listing on amazon. Smart sellers use SKU with ASIN Listing optimization to stand out their products on the crowded platform.


If you are running your business in more than one category, it is hard to find the manual code for each product. As a solution, we, BIE, can help you with ASIN Optimization along with Product photography and Product Listing Optimization.

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