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Selling and Converting More with Amazon Enhanced Brand Content


With EBC for Amazon option, sellers can add enhanced graphics and text to the product description area to give it a more polished and expensive appearance than mere text.

An EBC listing that is well-designed should:

  • Display the item in various use situations.
  • To set your company apart from rivals, use product or brand storytelling.
  • Respond to any inquiries the customer may have regarding the goods to possibly reduce returns.
  • Increasing page visits and conversions
  • Enhance the likelihood of repeat purchases by cultivating brand loyalty
  • Strategically concentrate on USPs to highlight them more effectively than a simple description ever could.

Benefits of a Well-Optimised EBC Strategy

  • Attracts Attention, Lowers Bounce Rates, and Boosts Brand Loyalty – Images will always be more effective in grabbing people’s attention and spreading information than words alone. This means that EBC will always be more effective than text-only descriptions at grabbing the reader’s attention, outlining the advantages of your offering, and retaining them on the page for a longer period.
  • Increases the Return on Investment (ROI) of Paid Advertising – If a user clicks into your product through a paid ad and sees EBC content rather than a simple description, they are more likely to stay on your page and are more likely to make a purchase, increasing the long-term ROI of your PPC campaign. Even if they do bounce off, EBC is more enduring and is more likely to encourage them to use your brand again or make a purchase in the future. Leaving aside the fact that it also seems more professional, after seeing multiple EBC listings, a plain text description comes off as being somewhat clumsy.
  • Reduces negative feedback and even returns – Regardless of whether this is the customer’s fault or the fault of your product description, the majority of product returns and unfavorable reviews are caused by a mismatch between the customer’s expectations and what they receive. Using annotated photos and graphical content, enhanced brand content helps customers see your goods from a variety of angles, making it less likely that they will overlook any crucial information in your listing. Since you and the consumer agree on what you’re selling, there will be fewer returns and negative reviews.

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