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Amazon Human Resources Who Help You Breeze Through Your Work


It’s high time you hire an Amazon Human Resource for most of your work. Wondering why? We’ll tell you why.

It is a fast-paced world out there and most of the time you’re busy juggling between tasks. If you feel that you’re on a hectic schedule, where you are occupied with tasks that make you sweat and are unable to deal with other pressing matters that require your undivided attention, it’s time you delegate these tasks to a reputed company like BIE.

What kind of tasks should you delegate?

Repetitive Tasks: Recurring tasks such as making charts, sheets, reports, and entering data can be taken care of by our eCommerce Amazon Human Resources. It’s time you put your mind to long-term goals and strategies for personal growth and the company’s development by concentrating on the complex tasks at hand.

Tasks that require a specific skill: There are some tasks that require employees with a certain skill set. And yes, BIE is glad to tell you that our Amazon Human Resources are capable of handling all kinds of tasks. Our VAs are adept at specific tasks by way of the training we have given them, prior to handling real or live tasks. Out of our host of employees, we only choose employees that are apt for tasks, by assigning tasks to those whose talents best match the task at hand.

Mundane tasks: Our personal assistant can take care of those boring tasks of which you’ve had enough. It’s best you delegate the dull and tedious work to our VAs at BIE. This will free up your time and improve overall productivity.

All tasks that can be carried out efficiently just by looking at a manual, or by following a certain set of instructions, can be outsourced to our VAs, and you can monitor using simple checkpoints. By hiring the services of our VAs at BIE, you get the most out of your business.

Our VAs are glad to help you and relieve you from the workload by lending a helping hand. With the advent of VAs, outsourcing in India has become cheaper than ever. Hire Our VAs for as low as $6 per hour. The best part is that you can hire VAs on an hourly basis depending on the requirement. We are specialized in e-commerce VAs and can help you across major e-commerce platforms such as Amazon, Groupon, and eBay. Our VAs deal with marketplace services such as Account set-up, listing products, invoice/ billing, flash sales services such as contract setup, price negotiation, deal approvals, and other services which include Pay Per Click, Amazon Sponsored Ads, Amazon SEO, and Digital Marketing. You cannot increase the number of hours in a day but more hands at work can definitely speed up work.

If you need any professional help with your Amazon store management, get in touch with us.
BIE is a Vancouver, British Columbia-based agency providing human resources to manage all things Amazon.

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