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Drive External Traffic to Amazon: Why It’s Beneficial For Product Rank & Conversion Rate


Any traffic (visitors, links, audience, reach) that originates outside of the Amazon marketplace is referred to as external traffic. This excludes all organic search results, PPC ads, similar/related listings, etc. An email, a social media site like Twitter or Instagram, your own website or business, search engines like Google and Bing, video providers like YouTube or TikTok, other websites, or even links contained in PDFs or other documents, could all be sources of external traffic.

How to Bring External Traffic to Amazon Listing?

  • Sponsored Display Ads on Amazon

Vendors and third-party sellers who are Brand Registry members have access to Amazon Sponsored Display advertisements. You can generate display advertising using this tool both on and off Amazon. Your display advertising will not only be shown to customers on third-party websites and apps in addition to Amazon search results and product detail pages.

  • Facebook Ads

When ways of how to drive external traffic to Amazon listing are discussed, this is a major one. Facebook advertising is an effective marketing tool that enables you to target particular demographics and interests of people who are more likely to search for and buy your items. 

  • Using social media

Utilize social media channels to expand your brand, gather followers, engage with customers, and raise brand awareness. Customers already spend the entire day staring at their phones; this is a fantastic marketing opportunity!

  • Affiliate marketing

One of the best methods for bringing outside visitors to your Amazon product listings is affiliate marketing. Affiliate programs benefit bloggers, influencers, and online marketers greatly in addition to vendors. Affiliates have the ability to persuade customers to use the product links they provide to purchase goods, assisting in their financial success.

These are some of the ways to bring external traffic to Amazon listing.

Benefits of Getting External Traffic to Amazon Listing

Driving external traffic to Amazon listing can be done in the ways mentioned above, let us now have a look at the benefits that it offers:

  • Aids you in maintaining an edge over the competition
  • Makes a brand more visible
  • Increase revenue and traffic
  • Boost the ranks of your keywords
  • Helps you expand the range of your clientele

Use these suggestions to bring external traffic to Amazon listing and to widen your customer base, get in touch with FabOnGo for expert help. Visit the FabOnGo website for more details.

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