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What Should be Included in the Amazon Brand Story?


The consumer experience is further enhanced with branded content, which also aids in establishing a brand’s credibility. As already stated, Amazon recognises the advantages of brands selling directly through the platform. Financial advantages and the fact that customers generally have a better overall experience when buying directly from brands on Amazon (as opposed to shopping through third-party resellers on the platform) have led to Amazon making it simpler for companies to communicate their stories.

  • First and foremost, your brand story should convey your key brand statement and your company’s core values. You may establish an emotional bond and trust with your clients here. Also, you can highlight your strengths beyond the advantages of your product, which ultimately aids in Amazon advertising.
  • A hero or background picture may be present in the carousel modules as a whole. Both desktop and mobile versions of this can be scaled. It is hidden under a variety of brand cards that customers can arrange and scroll through. We advise maintaining this throughout the listing to be consistent with your brand’s colors and visuals.
  • The ideal technique is to arrange the carousel cards so that they make sense to the customer as they scroll. Additionally, they must be set up to inspire the consumer’s faith in the brand.

How To Add an Amazon Brand Story?

The Amazon Brand Story is a supplement to the A+ material. Within the A+ Content Manager, you may add the Brand Story. This is accessible on both Vendor and Seller Central, where the newly added modules are located.

On the product page, the Brand Story is shown beneath the summary of the available options. It is shown as a striking carousel and placed directly above the A+ content.

The Brand Story design carousel offers a variety of alternatives for brands to select from. Several “brand card” module designs are among these alternatives.

The various card possibilities can be arranged to emphasize the brand’s history and core principles. Additionally, they can emphasize particular products and provide links to the Brand Store (Amazon Storefront).

To enhance your brand experience and boost sales, the Amazon Brand Story area provides a new weapon to your toolbox. The A+ section is a part where brands can concentrate on the advantages of their products while laying out their brand messaging and is a terrific improvement.

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